About us

The Story So Far......
The Jack of All trades for Arts and Crafts.
     What started out as a love and appreciation for an owl hat that was given to us for our newborn daughter turned into a monster.
      When my daughter was born we were gifted with a cute little owl toque that my daughter was only able to wear for a short while as my child had a pumpkin for a head, yes I'll say it. Her head was bigger than normal for a newborn. So as she outgrew it, I started looking for more cute patterns that I could crochet for her as she grew older. Well that just opened up a doorway into the multiverse of possibilities.
     Once I realised how to make a hat in different sizes it was pretty much up to my imagination as to what I could create. I then wanted to make hats for my daughter that I always wanted as a kid. Hey while I was at it make one for myself (my head is still waiting for a piece of awesomeness to adorn it). Family and friends soon wanted my hats on their kids heads, then friends of friends, my hats were gaining a bit of popularity. That's when the light bulb went off... Hey maybe I could make a small business out of this.
     Each hat I make is unique in the way that no two are exactly the same, the differences might be subtle or largely different.
    When I'm not creating with my Crochet hook, I Host Painting parties where I teach you step by step and help you to create an awesome painting that you get to take home with you. 
     I host Jewellery making parties where I step by step instruct you on a creation that you get to take home with you at the end of the night. 
     And last, I can also offer my services and teach you how to crochet.
Available in my home, or I can go to you for a Birthday, Celebration, Fundraiser, a Night out, Private functions, Team building, or a Retirement party.
Feel free to contact me at phoenixrisingartworksandcrafts@gmail.com for any questions or custom orders.